13th Assembly

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Dennis Mans

Facultad de Ciencias Médicas Universidad Anton de Kom Suriname

Economic value of Surinamese medicinal plants

Imke Oetting


Financial mechanisms for monitoring and mitigation of Socio-Environmental impacts of Infrastructure Works

Aron Belinky

Vitae Civilis Institute

Towards Rio+20: General perspective and participation possibilities

Keyvan Macedo

Natura Cosmetics

The Amazon Program

Marcelo Posonski

Instituto LIFE

Life Institute and Certification

Mar Fund / KfW Bankengruppe

Thematic Session – Regional Conservation Trust Funds and German Financial Cooperation: Policies, Challenges and Trends

Sigmund Proeve

Surinaamsche Bank Director

The SCF Green Partneship Programme

John S. Adams

The Arbor Group Director (UBS)

Vision 2050 : A Roadmap for Humanity

The Arbor Group (UBS)

UBS Monthly Strategy Guide – A long and winding road