¿Cómo ser miembros de RedLAC?

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How to become a RedLAC member?

As a network, we are always interested in expanding our group of members in order to strengthen our scope and action. In order to join the Latin-American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds - RedLAC, please follow these few simple steps:

Complete the membership application form available on the RedLAC website on the members site “How to join RedLAC”.

Send a letter (original and copy) from your Board of Directors. In this letter, you need to accept the RedLAC bylaws and express your commitment to participate actively in RedLAC.

Send a letter in which the applicant Fund confirms to be able to pay the annual membership fee of the Network.

Attach a copy of the public instrument of the establishment of your Fund, its registration in public records, and its regulations and bylaws.


All documents must be sent to RedLAC President Rosa Montañez RedLAC rmontanez@naturapanama.org with copy to the RedLAC Executive Secretary Anniela Verona averona@naturapanama.org For any questions, please do not hesitate to write to the RedLAC Executive Secretariat.