Capacity Building Project RedLAC

Capacity Building Project RedLAC - CBP

The Capacity Building Project for Environmental Funds RedLAC (CBP for its acronym in English) has as its main objective the strengthening of the Funds in their daily operations, knowledge and the use of innovative financial mechanisms to reduce dependency on international donors diversifying its sources.

The project aims to facilitate the implementation of new financial mechanisms, document and share best practices of Environmental Funds.
The CBP was designed and executed from Latin America and the Caribbean, however, it facilitates the exchange between the Environmental Funds ffrom this region and Funds from Africa. This project has US 3,500,000, to be executed in 4 years. The funds come from two international donors, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and the French Fund for Global Environment (FFEM for its initials in French), as well as counterparts of the participating Funds. This project is coordinated by the Brazilian Biodiversity Fund, FUNBIO, member of RedLAC



The Capacity Building Project RedLAC includes the planning and development of 10 workshops between 2010 and 2014. Between 2010 and 2013, the workshops have had the participation of 45 Environmental Funds from 30 countries worldwide. Each workshop has written materials available online in three languages: Spanish, English and French. The topics of the workshops were:

Pilot Projects

The Capacity Building Project RedLAC carried out a call for pilot projects to design and / or adapt and / or implement innovative financing mechanisms for conservation that are sustainable and preferably based on market-oriented initiatives. This in order to diversify the sources of income of Environmental Funds, attracting additional resources and reducing dependence on traditional sources of funding (mainly international donations and debt swaps) that limit the experiences of funds by policies donors. The pilot projects were selected on a call directed only to members of RedLAC, in which 10 members applied and were selected Five:

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