21 members from more than 16 countries in a megadiverse region

Regional Fund

CBF - Caribbean Biodiversity Fund

The CBF is a young regional Fund founded in 2012, which aims to provide resources to support activities related to conservation and protection of biodiversity activities, not only in systems of protected areas but in all areas of environmental importance for each of the 8 countries that comprise it. The CBF manages an endowment fund, channeling resources at national level between the participating countries, which subsequently open calls related to finance public and private protected areas, watersheds, seascapes, coastal marine fisheries resources and forest resources.
For now, the main beneficiaries of the CBF are its National Environmental Funds members, which find themselves in different moments of being establishment. Once these Funds come into operation, they will receive resources that may be part of sub-grants to national or local programs.


million dollars managed in an endowment in less than 3 years


Environmental Fund members in the Caribbean


EFJ - Environmental Foundation of Jamaica

Environmental Foundation of Jamaica (EFJ) was created in 1993 with the purpose of being the major funder of environmental protection and child survival initiatives in the interest of sustainable development. EFJ undertakes grant funding, establishes alliances with donors for sub-granting, manages endowment and sinking funds and administers grants for other organizations.

EFJ works in different parts of Jamaica, especially in the main watershed and public protected areas, covering freshwater, terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems.


million dollars disbursed to projects since its creation.


benefited projects.

Dominican Republic

Fundación SUR futuro

Sur Futuro Foundation aims since 2001 to improve quality of life of vulnerable populations and support sustainable management of the environment and natural resources, mainly in the Southern Region of the Dominican Republic. This Environmental Fund focuses its work in seven areas: social development, natural resources and agricultural production, renewable energy and climate change, education and health, community development infrastructure, microcredit and international humanitarian cooperation. Sur Futuro promotes joint management of public, private and community actors at all levels; it administers endowment and sinking funds and also executes projects directly to help raise the quality of life of its beneficiaries in economic, social and environmental aspects.

It also promotes models and practices for sustainable use of natural resources, to help break the vicious circle of poverty and environmental degradation.


million dollars disbursed to projects.


local community organizations benefited