Workshop 9: Resources mobilization mechanisms for EFs

Workshop 10: Extractive industries and Environmental Funds
October 21, 2015
Workshop 8: Governance strategies for EFs
November 23, 2015
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Workshop 9: Resources mobilization mechanisms for EFs



Host Fund: Forever Costa Rica Association

Place: San Jose, Costa Rica

Date: November 1-3, 2013

Organization:  Funbio on behalf of RedLAC

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Invited speakers


Agustin Silvani

He leads Conservation International's Carbon Fund, one of the largest investors in terrestrial carbon projects, developing about 20 reforestation worldwide.

Manoel Serrão

He has a Master's degree in Sustainable Development at Universidade de Brasília. He has worked for ten years at the Brazilian Ministry for the Environment and contributed to the development of the Brazilian Network of Environmental Funds. ManoeI is the current Director of Economic and Financial Mechanisms at Funbio

Pamela Castillo

Progect manager at Forever Costa Rica Association.

Zdenka Piskulich

Executive Director of Forever Costa Rica Association