Project K

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Project K - Knowledge for action

Project K, Knowledge for Action: Enhancing Global Conservation through Peer-to-Peer Exchanges and Knowledge Management, joint project between RedLAC and CAFÉ (the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment)

Is a special project built on the results and lessons learnt of the RedLAC Capacity Building Project, and aims to enhance Funds' portfolio of innovation, to diversify sources of funding to address conservation challenges and to promote knowledge and best practice transfer through peer-to-peer learning and online tools.

The project is being implemented between June 2015 and June 2018. It is supported by the following donors that in total contribute around 3 million dollars to the project: the French Fund for the Global Environment – FFEM, Mava Foundation and the GEF.

Coordinated by our RedLAC member

Components of Project K

Component 1

Innovation Seed Fund

The Innovation Seed Fund will support new funding streams for conservation programs.
It has 2 phases: A call for concepts that will support feasibility studies of 10 innovative concepts with grants of USD 20,000 each;
in a second phase, the 10 feasibility studies will be analyzed and the 5 most viable ideas will receive an additional grant up to USD 200,000 each for implementation, requiring 1:1 matching funds. Convocatoria de Fondo Semilla de Innovación – Solamente para miembros RedLAC y CAFE

Component 1

Peer-to-Peer mentorship program

Mentorships help Funds replicate best practices and achieve standards, while making use of unique solutions that fit their local context. Within Component 2 there will be also capacity-building workshops, combined with the networks Assemblies.

Component 3

Environmental Funds Platform

The project will offer a complete online platform of materials for Environmental Funds, including all materials produced in the previous RedLAC Capacity Building Project.

Component 4

Institutional Strengthening

This component is dedicated to supporting the institutional strengthening of both networks. Strategic planning and financial sustainability for both networks will be supported in this component.

Open calls

EF-to-EF mentorships

The key objective of this EF-to-EF mentorship program is to strengthen the Funds’ capacities and practices, in a way they can achieve excellence standards. Deadlines: May 13, 2016 for individual applications & June 30, 2016 for mentorship work plans.

Terms of reference for consultancy

We are sharing the terms of reference for consultants that will carry out Project K's workshop in Malawi. Open call for specialized consultants. Deadline for applications: August 7, 2016.