Transformative Mentoring: BRIDGE Project Drives Sustainable Development in Environmental Fund Networks

Listen to Leonardo Garcia, BRIDGE Project Coordinator, explaining the value of the Mentoring Program.

In an effort to highlight innovative and collaborative solutions in environmental conservation, an inspiring webinar was held that brought together over twenty members of the Environmental Funds Networks from Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. The event, supported by the BRIDGE Project and moderated by Leonardo Garcia, BRIDGE Project Coordinator, provided a unique platform to share valuable insights and experiences from Karen McDonal Gayle, Executive Director of CBF, Karen Price, MEET Coordinator of Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust and Theóphile Zognou, Executive Director of Fondation pour le Tri-national de la Sangha - FTNS.

In a world where environmental challenges are increasingly pressing, collaboration and mutual learning become essential tools for moving towards a sustainable future. The Project K initiative has proven to be a guiding light on this path, offering a mentoring program that has had a significant impact on environmental fund networks.

Karen Price of the Malawi Environmental Endowment Trust shared her perspective: "Participating in these mentorships has greatly expanded our reach and driven continuous improvement that we still see today. Her testimony highlights how Project K's mentoring process in the past not only spurred individual growth, but also strengthened the networks as a whole.

Karen McDonal Gayle, Executive Director of the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF), encouraged all Environmental Funds to join this valuable experience and dismissed the idea that it is a burden. Instead, she defined it as "a great opportunity to share knowledge acquired over the years, strengthen capacities and develop strategies for a better future in environmental conservation".

The BRIDGE Project Mentoring Program is an essential component of this initiative. Bringing together mentors and mentees from the Environmental Funds Networks themselves, it fosters the exchange of knowledge and successful practices. Its main objective is to strengthen capacities within the CTFs networks and promote greater cooperation in the conservation community.

"It is a motivating session, all the experiences I heard here inspire me to submit a proposal on behalf of FIAES to contribute as a mentor in future editions. We strongly believe that knowledge should be shared with the Environmental Funds Networks, as it is the key to strengthen our community'". Nelson Rodriguez, Press Technician of the Environmental Investment Fund of El Salvador (FIAES).

Project BRIDGE is funded by FFEM - Fonds Français pour l'Environnement Mondial and MAVA Foundation, implemented by RedLAC and CAFÉ, managed by Costa Rica por Siempre, is setting a clear path towards a more sustainable and collaborative future in environmental conservation. Hosting this webinar demonstrates that solutions are available and within reach for those who are willing to join and learn together. Project BRIDGE is paving the way to a greener and more hopeful world.

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Last day to submit a proposal: October 31.

Alexander Portillo
RedLAC Communications Coordinator

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