Financial innovation and global collaboration. BRIDGE Project promotes sustainable development.

BRIDGE project promotes cross-sector collaboration to drive sustainable development, starting the year 2024 with a series of significant events and breakthroughs. 

In January, BRIDGE hosted a prominent webinar focused on innovative financial initiatives in collaboration with the private sector. The event, aimed at providing collaborative ideas to the Conservation Trust Funds members of RedLAC and CAFÉ, it was attended by three expert panelists from Mozambique, Mexico and the United States. The audience, made up of more than 45 attendees, benefited from detailed information on crucial topics such as impact investing, business incubators and environmental offset mechanisms. 

BRIDGE’s commitment to transparency and accountability was also underlined by the submission of the annual compliance and monitoring report to the French Facility for Global Environment (FFEM), the project’s main donor. The report covered the activities implemented in 2023, highlighting achievements, technical activities, and the corresponding budget implementation.  

In the field of human development, BRIDGE recently closed the application period for its Mentoring Program, receiving a total of 11 proposals. These are being evaluated and analyzed by the Selection Committee, composed of 7 members. The results will be communicated to all participating CTFs in March, marking the beginning of the administrative and legal procedures for the signing of contracts and the beginning of mentoring experiences. 

In anticipation of the next milestone, BRIDGE is preparing to launch the Working Group Program. Each network will have three separate groups focused on key issues related to private sector engagement. For RedLAC, these topics include “fundraising and financial sustainability”, “monitoring and follow-up/impact evaluation” and “communication with the private sector”. In addition, a group will be established that will integrate members of both networks, dedicated to the “exchange of knowledge and operation of Conservation Trust Funds”. Starting in March, BRIDGE will offer information sessions and release digital material to share details about this exciting program. 

BRIDGE Project continues to lead the forefront in promoting innovative and collaborative practices to achieve a more sustainable and equitable future.  

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