Encounter in Washington D.C., GEF and Conservation Trust Funds conclude strategic workshop.

Washington D.C., January 25th and 26th, 2024 

In a highly significant event held in Washington D.C., specifically on January 25th and 26th , the Global Environment Facility (GEF) took the lead in organizing a strategic meeting that brought together the Latin American and Caribbean Network of Environmental Funds (RedLAC) alongside the Consortium of African Funds for the Environment, also known as CAFE. This event emerged as a key gathering point, where leading minds converged to address fundamental issues related to global-level financing for environmental conservation and preservation. 

This significant event, carried by the GEF, spanned two days, highlighting the promotion of collaboration and ongoing commitment of the conservation trust funds (CTFs) through vital discussions. During the meeting, the position of these CTFs as strategic financial mechanisms for the mobilization and allocation of resources was solidified. 

The first day of the workshop featured informative sessions on CTFs, the new Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF), and opportunities with Enduring Earth and the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People (HAC). The presentation on CTFs focused on their management over the years, stressing the strengths that these institutions represent in financing outreach. The information presented is part of a White Paper on the impact of Conservation Trust Funds, which will now become a publication by RedLAC, CAFÉ, and GEF. 

“The creation of new frameworks and the capitalization of funds pose challenges but also opportunities for innovation and collaboration. We must leverage our strengths and learn from each other to navigate these political landscapes effectively,” said GEF CEO Carlos Manuel Rodríguez. 

GEF CEO Carlos Manuel Rodríguez. 

The main purpose of the workshop was to explore closer collaborations and synergies between the GEF and Conservation Trust Funds at a global scale. This initiative aimed to drive the conservation and preservation of the environment more effectively, as well as natural resources globally. 

During the Strategic Workshop, it is important to highlight the active and committed participation of the Executive Directors of the CTFs, members of both RedLAC and CAFE. Their intervention was crucial, providing valuable perspectives and experiences in environmental protection and financial resource management. The direct contribution of these leaders solidified the shared vision of strengthening regional collaboration, marking a milestone in consolidating efforts to address global environmental challenges. Their dedication and leadership were key to establishing a robust and concrete agenda that will drive biodiversity conservation in the region and beyond. 

“The primary purpose of this workshop was to chart a roadmap aimed at establishing a stronger synergy between the GEF and Conservation Trust Funds. This strategic collaboration is crucial in funding projects for biodiversity conservation and restoration, addressing large-scale programs in our respective countries. It is a close commitment with governments, working closely to achieve the global conservation goals outlined in the 30X30 agenda,” stated Jorge Oviedo, Executive Director of FIAES (Environmental Investment Fund of El Salvador) and President of RedLAC. 

This meeting consolidates the joint commitment made by Conservation Trust Funds, reinforcing the active construction of sustainability in the region. It also stands out for strategically aligning efforts in the face of environmental challenges, marking a significant milestone in collaboration among different stakeholders. This collective commitment drives the effective implementation of initiatives that promote environmental protection and sustainable development, laying the groundwork for a more resilient and balanced future. 

Pablo Alexander Portillo
Communications Coordinator of RedLAC

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