Joining forces for the Environment! FONDOMARENA mobilizes to clean up the Licey River in Cayetano Germosén, Dominican Republic.

In an exciting show of commitment to the environment, the National Fund for the Environment and Natural Resources (Fondo MARENA), the Eco Mujer project and the invaluable support of the Caribbean Biodiversity Fund (CBF) joined together in an unprecedented cleanup of the Licey River, located in Cayetano Germosén. This initiative marks the beginning of a series of actions aimed at preserving and protecting our natural environment.

The event counted with the active participation of various institutions, students, authorities and members of civil society, who joined forces to address the problem of pollution in the Licey River. Aware of the importance of this work, the volunteers focused on collecting waste and solid waste that threaten the health of the river ecosystem.

One of the main drivers of this initiative is Dr. Luis Díaz, a renowned environmental expert and tireless advocate of biodiversity. His leadership and dedication were fundamental in mobilizing the participants and ensuring the success of the cleanup day. Dr. Diaz was thrilled and grateful for the massive response of the volunteers, highlighting the transformative power that lies in collective action for the environment.

Fondomarena's Executive Director, Judith Valdez Guzmán, highlights the organization's commitment to environmental protection and announces the start of an important cleanup initiative in the river basin. During this day, various institutions, youth groups and the "Eco Mujer" organization joined in this effort. Valdez Guzman is especially grateful for the support of the CBF and emphasizes the importance of joining forces to achieve a positive change in our planet. With these concrete actions, Fondomarena demonstrates its determination to generate great changes for the benefit of our natural environment.

Judith Valdez Guzmán, Executive Director of FondoMarena

The activity in the Licey River was not only limited to waste collection, but also served as a platform to raise community awareness of the importance of caring for our natural resources. Educational talks, workshops on proper waste management and recreational activities related to environmental issues were organized.

The MARENA Fund, the Eco Mujer project and the support of the CBF are committed to continue working hand in hand with institutions, students, authorities and civil society to implement conservation and sustainable development projects in the region. This is just the beginning of a series of actions that will be carried out in the coming months, seeking to generate a positive impact on our natural environment.

The call to action is clear: it is everyone's responsibility to care for and protect our natural environment. The active participation of the community is fundamental to achieve a significant change in the preservation of our natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity.

Youth present at cleanup day

The success of the Licey River cleanup in Cayetano Germosén demonstrates that when we unite and work together, we can achieve great things. Each individual action adds up and contributes to the well-being of our ecosystem.

The MARENA Fund, the Eco Mujer project and the support of the CBF invite everyone to join this cause and be part of the change. It is time to become aware of our consumption habits, reduce waste generation, recycle correctly and promote sustainable practices in our daily lives.

Our natural environment provides us with countless benefits and vital resources. It is our responsibility to protect it and ensure its preservation for future generations. As we move forward with this series of environmental actions, we will continue to report on upcoming activities and opportunities for participation.

Join the movement for a cleaner, more sustainable environment! Together we can make a difference and build a future in harmony with nature.

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